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Price / Unit

FPBTB Blue Tool Set

FPBTG Battery Tool

FPCTH Crimping Head Only for Battery Tool

FPSTH Sleeve Head Only for Battery Tool

FPexCUT Pex Pipe Cutter

FPEXARM Expander Arm for Pex Pipe

FPEHWG-16 Pipe Expander Head for 16mm Water & Gas

FPEHWG-20 Pipe Expander Head for 20mm Water & Gas

FPEHWG-25 Pipe Expander Head for 25mm Water & Gas

FpInterloc Interloc Includes 16mm-25mm Interloc Heads

FPGC-16 Crimper for 16mm Gas Pex Pipe

FPGC-20 Crimper for 20mm Gas Pex Pipe

FPGC-25 Crimper for 25mm Gas Pex Pipe

FPRB-16 Rounder and Bender for 16mm Pex Pipe

FPRB-20 Rounder and Bender for 20mm Pex Pipe

FPRB-25 Rounder and Bender for 25mm Pex Pipe

FPTESTBUC Pex Pipe Test Bucket

FPWC-16 Crimper for 16mm Pex Water Pipe

FPWC-20 Crimper for 20mm Pex Water Pipe

FPWC-25 Crimper for 25mm Pex Water Pipe